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Rosie (Clowndog's Berry Tart) is now for sale.  She should make a great pet and possibly a show dog.  She is BIG, heavy boned and has beautiful conformation.  She is gentle, cooperative (after she catches on to what you want of her) and is smart.  She did not do well enough on her OFA hip and elbow test to be a breeder but nothing too serious to be a great companion.  What I like most about her is that she stays with me wherever I go and is never far away. 
Hips:  Borderline 
Elbows:  DJD 1 unilateral left 
Cystinuria:  Free 
Carries recessive coat colors:  Gray and Brown
Her veterinarian always checks her heart whenever he sees her and it is always good.  We don't have a canine cardiologist in our area.



Lois Kivipelto

RR 1

Kakabeka Falls, ON

P0T 1W0

(807) 933-4404